Getting The Best Guardianship For Your Child

Boarding schools in the UK require overseas children to have a UK guardian. Not only does Connections help place your child in the right school but we can also act as guardians for your children during their time in the UK. Connections offers UK guardianship only to those children whom we have placed in schools.

For parents who are living overseas, it is important to know that your child is well cared for and at Connections that’s our top priority! The Schools we work with will liaise with Connections in all matters relating to their care:

  • We help with the purchase of uniform and other equipment.
  • We can meet your child on their first trip to the UK and accompany them to school.
  • We organise all transfers for when they need to travel to and from school.
  • The cost of transfers depends on the distance.
  • We constantly keep in contact with schools and parents.
  • We have a network of host families, if needed for exeat weekends.
  • We are always on call to assist with any worries that parents or schools might have.