Short Courses

Finding The Best Short Courses For Your Child

Connections has a large network of contacts in educational courses in the UK

We always try to find the right course for each individual by using our extensive knowledge and experience of the courses available. If required, we also offer guardianship for your child.

We organise stays for:

  • Individual children
  • Small groups of friends
  • Families
  • School groups
  • Specialist groups (academic, sports, music, art etc.) 
 There are many programmes to choose from, including:
  • Residential courses run at well known co-ed and all girl boarding schools during the holidays.
  • Courses offering English classes with sports and other fun activities.
  • Specialist courses for football/tennis/golf/art/dance/riding/flying/Computer coding/sailing
  • Preparation for boarding School with academic subjects and sports all taught in English
  • Summer camps with no formal English lessons (only reasonably fluent children are accepted).
  • English courses for parents with children
  • Short stays with an English family
  • Specialist courses for adults or children in specific subjects i.e. economics, computer, science, business studies, engineering, university preparation
  • Intensive English or Exam Preparation Courses
  • Cultural courses with English in major cities for adults and children